FREE CONSULTATION.  Before starting a treatment at Inner Calmer World you will need a brief consultation with myself on the phone.  After your consultation I will discuss with you the best course of treatment specifically to your needs.  Consultations are free and without any obligations for you to continue with a treatment.  Please call or email me to arrange a consultation; contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Treatments at Inner Calmer World vary with each unique individual depending on what I'm healing/treating; ranging from a quick fix to a full body treatment.   Starting at 30 minutes (quick fix) up  to 60/90 minutes (full body).  A quick fix is a great solution for easing discomfort and pain; going straight to the source and working that Reiki Healing magic until the energy clears.  Treating minor ailments such as Frozen Shoulders, Trapped Nerves, Sciatica, Migraines and the likes.  Or you can opt for a full body treatment for 60 minutes to Destress, Relax, Unwind and take back control of those burdening emotions by releasing/flushing out that negativity with a little bit of love light energy.  If you would like to combine Healing Crystals into your Reiki treatment this will take up to 90 minutes.


The recommended number of sessions depends on each individuals needs.  When the consultation is completed a guideline will be given.


PLEASE NOTE:  Consultations, recommendations, treatments are private, personal and confidential.  All information is held in strict confidence.

I'm not a medical professional therefore I can't Diagnose.  If you are under any treatment or on any kind of medication please inform me and inform your GP you are thinking of having Reiki Healing Therapy before making a appointment. 


Reiki Light Energy Therapy 

Reiki Is used for many different ailments and illness such as...

Aiding In Faster Recovery(illnesses/operations).                          




Brain Fog.

Broken Limbs.


Chronic Pain.

Crohn's Disease. 


End Of Life Care ( Transitioning)


Fatigue Syndromes.

Frozen Limbs.


Long Covid.

Mental Health.


Neurodegenerative Disorders.

Pain Relief.

Parkinson's Disease.




Trapped Nerves.

The list is endless.....


Distant Reiki Therapy.

Distant Reiki sessions are ideal for you busy people out there, that would prefer to receive the energy in the comfort of their own home or who are based too far to travel to see me in person.  The energy transmissions in a remote session are just as powerful as if they were delivered in person.  You do not have to have specific ailments or conditions to receive or benefit from Reiki.

Distant Reiki is a wonderful way to experience that feel good, pick me up; that wonderful  harmony you feel when your energies are balanced, mind, body and spirit. By doing regularly scheduled sessions, you can enhance that wonderful feeling of harmony.


After the initial free consultation and we have agreed on the course of treatment.  A distant Reiki treatment is done by sending you the reiki energy to where ever you may be in the world.  A date and time will be arranged that we both agree on.  I will need your full name D.O.B and the address where I'm to send you Reiki.. The reason I ask for these details is simply because there's hundreds of people on the planet with the same name.  I have to be precise so the energy reaches you.


On the date and time we have agreed on take yourself off into a quiet room.  Make yourself comfortable and just say quietly in your mind

" I AM OPEN AND READY TO RECIEVE REIKI " and that's it.  Just lie there in the peace and quiet whilst I transmit the Reiki Energy over to you.  It's no different than you being in my practice having a hands on treatment.  It's all done the same way the only difference being I imagine you are actually in front of me as I perform reiki.


After your Distant Reiki Healing Session all I ask is you send me feedback on what you felt and how you felt.


Remember to take a glass of water in the room with you.  I'd like you to drink it after your session.  It helps towards flushing out all those negative toxins and stuff. 


Spiritual Reiki Healing Therapy.

Aura Cleansing, 

Chakra Balancing.

Crystal Healing.

Relaxation Therapy. 


Free Reiki.

It will be a honor and privilege to give FREE DISTANT REIKI THERAPY for anyone nearing the end of their journey; human or animal.   Assisting in Transitioning, Relieving Pain and Discomfort; as long as the patient is in acceptance and open to receiving Reiki Therapy.  It can be sent to you or your loved ones at your home, hospital or hospice using Distant Reiki.  Distant Reiki can be sent to anyone and any place worldwide.


Please call or email for more information on Treatments/Consultations.


Phone: 07889795142.