What is REIKI ? 

Firstly allow me to tell you a little bit about Reiki Light Therapy.  It is an energy healing technique that originated in Japan. It aims to improve overall health and enhance the quality of life.  Developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s, the term “reiki” combines two Japanese words: “rei” (meaning “universal”) and “ki” (referring to the vital life force energy that flows through all living things).  In today’s demanding world the need to re-balance and find inner peace has never been greater.   When we're under stress the flow of this energy can often become obstructed, causing various issues. Reiki was designed to loosen obstructed energy caused by stress, promoting total relaxation, re-establishing mental well-being and relaxation in mind and body for all ages.  Reiki practitioners channel this universal life force energy to balance and improve the flow of energy within your body.  It supports healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Reiki is non-invasive and safe, making it suitable for various individuals and animals with the most amazing results.  It's a powerful therapy and can be used on it's own and with orthodox medical treatments. 


My 1st insight into Reiki.

2007 my Reiki journey began with Reiki Master Eileen Woodfield (RMT)  formerly of Holistic Dimensions in Worcestershire.  Here I carried out my First Degree Reiki.  First Degree Reiki once your attuned by your reiki master can be beneficial for yourself, family, friends even your plants.  If you are interested in a First Degree Reiki Course or 2nd/3rd Degree Reiki Courses please feel free to contact me for more information info@innercalmerworld.co.uk


2008/2009 I returned to Worcester to do my Second Degree Reiki & Second Degree Practioner Level with the same Reiki Master Eileen Woodfield (RMT) .  When asked by my Master why do I want to become a practioner ?  my reply was "  It's not about the money, if I can do for others what you did for me., will be the most rewarding thing ever ".  Reiki really did change my world for the greater good.  Helping people, seeing the difference it makes to their lives is the best feeling in the world.   Hence still practicing so I can do for you what my master did for me and that was help me to help myself..  Since then I have happily progressed in life and up the Reiki Ladder. 


2020 During that awful lockdown when we all had to stay in doors over the Covid 19 Pandemic.   I decided to enroll on line to do a Animal Reiki Practioner Course..  I adore animals always wanted to work with them and now I can.  That course was done via Udemy Academy and my Reiki Master was Lisa Powers. 


2024 I qualified as a Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT) again online via Udemy Academy with Reiki Master Sufani Garza.  Now I can pass all my Reiki knowledge onto you, attune you so you yourself can become part of the Reiki Healing Family.


My Journey continues in Droitwich Spa Worcestershire.  Here I continue to practice and teach reiki in the peaceful setting of my cozy home.  



The 5 Principles of Reiki.

Just for today, do not be angry.

Just for today, do not be worried.

Just for today, be grateful.

Just for today, do your duties fully.

Just for today, be kind to others.